Weekend Schedule










New York 

ゲンナディ・ゴロフキン vs. ダニエル・ジェイコブス

12 rounds – middleweights (for Golovkin’s IBF, WBA and WBC titles) 



ローマン・ゴンザレス vs. シーサケット・ソールンビサイ 

12 rounds – junior bantamweights (for Gonzalez’s WBC title) 






Hiatus Kaiyote : Choose Your Weapon


A1. Choose Your Weapon 1:34

A2. Shaolin Monk Motherfunk 5:51

A3. Laputa 2:26

A4. Creations Part One 0:50

A5. Borderline With My Atoms 6:02

B1. Breathing Underwater 5:44

B2. Cicada 0:38

B3. Swamp Thing 5:00

B4. Fingerprints 4:17

B5 Jekyll 5:33

C1. Prince Minikid 2:50

C2. Atari 6:09

C3. By Fire 5:04

C4. Creations Part Two 1:01

D1. The Lung 4:54

D2. Only Time All The Time / Making Friends With Studio Owl 1:03

D3. Molasses 4:50

D4. Building A Ladder 


A&R – Salaam Remi

Art Direction – Roxanne Slimak

Band [Hiatus Kaiyote Is] – Nai Palm, Paul Bender, Perrin Moss, Simon Mavin

Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Programmed By – Paul Bender

Co-producer – Phil Noy (tracks: A2, B1, B3, B4, B5)

Cover [Artwork] – Laneous "Lame-boy" The Lunchboxer

Cover [Design + Formatting] – Laura Christoforidis

Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Bass – Perrin Moss

Engineer [Additional (drums)] – Phil Noy (tracks: A1, A2, C3, C2, D1, D3, D4)

Engineer [Additional (percussion)] – Phil Noy (tracks: A2)

Engineer [Additional] – Damien Charles (tracks: A2, A5, D3, D4), Nick Herrera (tracks: B1), Phil Noy (tracks: B1, B3, B4, B5)

Engineer [Vocal Recording] – Gleyder "Gee" Disla (tracks: B1, B5), Ryan Evans (tracks: B1, B5)

Executive-Producer – Salaam Remi

Keyboards, Vocoder, Percussion – Simon Mavin

Management – Scott Barkham, Si Jay Gould

Management [Business] – Jeremy Furze, Tom Harris

Mastered By – Andre Eremin*

Mixed By – Hiatus Kaiyote (tracks: B1), Paul Bender (tracks: A1-A5, B2-B5, C1-C4, D1-D4), Perrin Moss (tracks: A1, A2, A4, A5, B2, B3-B5, C2-C4, D1-D4), Phil Noy (tracks: B3, B4), Simon Mavin (tracks: C1)

Photography – Wilk Producer – Hiatus Kaiyote

Producer [Outro] – Simon Mavin (tracks: C2)

Strings [Recorded By] – Benjamin Tierney (tracks: D1)

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards – Nai Palm

Written By, Producer, Engineer – Hiatus Kaiyote